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Registration is made-to-order for this math whiz

By Loren Nelson, 09/23/14, 6:00PM CDT


Liverpool FC America webmaster Frank Will bends process to fit his needs.

Frank Will doesn’t live in a one-size-fits-all world.

Change? Will embraces it. Flexibility? Will requires it like he does oxygen. Scalability? Will has understood the importance of efficiently managing growth long before the concept became a corporate buzzword.

As the webmaster of Liverpool FC America, a soccer club with north Texas roots but expanding rapidly around the country, evolution has been Will’s one constant over the years. He said the club has gone from 1,400 cash transactions in its first year to 11,000 last year, with all but a handful of those processed online.

“Before we were doing it online, people would write their credit card number on a piece of paper and give it to us and sign it,” Will said about the “process” of collecting payment from members.

Registration is Will’s specialty. Will, who has a degree in accounting, manipulates Sport Ngin’s Registration the way a soccer player might bend a corner kick. He helps run three websites with another three coming on line in the next year. He can have 20 or more online registrations running at any given time, and a single registration often has numerous price points depending on a multitude of factors.

“They all pay something different,” Will said. “Kids have scholarships, so they pay something different. I think what we liked about the whole online registration, one of the things, was the discount code -- the way you can change up the base rate. So we have to have a tremendous amount of flexibility.”


Buttons make it easy for viewers to register for their region in Texas

Will uses online registration to sell T-shirts and distribute tickets to local college soccer games. He even uses it for clinics that are free to club members.

“It is nice because it caps the registration,” he said. “We only have room for 45, so this way we don’t have too many people showing up.”

Will said his process for building registration entails typing up the requirements in a single-page Word document, then sending it to Sport Ngin’s Registration team for construction. Once it’s built, Will simply reviews all the key information. 

“It’s a very simple process, it really is,” he said.

And it only gets easier over time, Will added. 

“Since I have been doing it for three years now, I really just go through and duplicate all the registrations I have,” he said. “I just did the Red White and Blue tournament for December. I just changed 2013 to 2014.”

How it works:

Sport Ngin Registration experts Brandon Hassan and David Urbaniak have provided a checklist and help documentation explaining the steps they recommend taking when setting up and completing registration.

Preparing for a registration

Once the registration build is complete

During the registration period 

After registration has finished

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