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Pro quality profile pages help build credibility

By Loren Nelson, 09/03/14, 12:15PM CDT


Homegrown Lacrosse showcases its coaching staff with fully loaded bio pages.

They were long on ambition and short on credibility. Four kids fresh out of college running lacrosse camps but with the passion and ambition to do so much more.

Homegrown Lacrosse has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2003, establishing itself as one of Minnesota’s most robust lacrosse communities through its camps, clinics and leagues – among other offerings.

Much of the nonprofit organization’s success can be tied to its coaching staff, a veritable Who’s Who of mostly “homegrown” state lacrosse talent.

“That has always been our competitive advantage,” co-founder Aron Lipkin said, “we have really quality coaches.”

Homegrown Lacrosse features decked out bio pages (click to enlarge)

Homegrown Lacrosse has an excellent site, one of the best on the Sport Ngin platform, and its staff bio pages stand out with their exceptional design and content. The three-column layout includes a professional profile photo taken lakeside in the left column (hey, is that the IDS Center in the background?) with quick-hitting bio information underneath. A feature story that includes more bio information fills the middle column, and snapshots are loaded in the far right column.

Links to related articles and photo galleries are included, as are videos featuring many of the subjects. All those little details add up when building a destination page.

“I think it is a good and important way to build buy-in and make people feel like we are a professional organization,” Lipkin said.

The decked out bio pages come in handy when building program pages on the site, Lipkin said. 

“I can just mirror that layout container and display the staff for that particular program pretty quickly,” Lipkin said.

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