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E-newsletters are quick and easy to create

By Loren Nelson, 08/12/14, 4:30PM CDT


Old-school communication is effective way to promote your content, boost revenue.

As your organization’s webmaster, you have dedicated your late nights, early mornings and weekends to posting news, announcements, results and updates. Fresh content flows onto your site like morning coffee at Starbucks.

In short, you’ve built a website that kicks butt. But are all your members visiting it regularly? Are they reading what you are posting?

Social media channels can be a great way to instantly promote all that fresh content, but don’t overlook the power of an old-school form of communication. Sure, email is a tortoise compared to hare-like Twitter, but E-newsletters can be an effective tool to regularly update your members about all that’s been happening with your organization.

Andover Baseball Association Communication Director Kelly Abbas has been using Sport Ngin’s Page Layout email option to send a weekly newsletter to about 3,000 members (see example above).

Through the admin panel you can set up your E-newsletter using the same tools you would to build a page on your site. You can repurpose many of the same page elements you used to create articles, then drive viewers to your site with teaser text and links.

You can even make money for your organization by offering local businesses a chance to sponsor the E-newsletter. Ads of all shapes sizes can be dropped on the page wherever you want them.

More good news: You can use the Content Templates option in the admin control panel to set up a template for your newsletter. If you know you'll be using the same photos or logos or text blocks or ads on the newletter week after week, just put them on the newsletter template you create. No need to start from scratch each time you build a newsletter.

Andover Baseball Association E-newsletter

Create a Quick Report, determining the group that will receive the E-newsletter

When creating a Quick Report, you can select all of your members or set the fields and filters to create specific groups within your membership. After you select your Fields, you can then choose to Set Filters if you need to add specific conditions. Select the Update Quick Report button at the bottom of the page when finished.

Now that you have updated your Quick Report, hit the Create Group link (see below).

Login to the website, then select Admin Control Panel

Select the Members Tab, then select Member Directory

After you have updated the quick report, click on the Create Group link

Name your group, then hit Create Smart Group. Note: The group will be updated automatically as more members join.

Choose the Messages tab, then click Send New Message

Select message recipient(s)

All: Send this message to your entire Member Directory
Selected: Send this message only to members that you choose

Choose from the All or Selected options

Choose the Page Layout option, choose your "Newsletter" template if you have created one in advance, then fill in the Subject line

Create your E-newsletter as if it were a web page

The header and footer of your E-newsletter are automatically created for you, using elements from your site. So now all you have to do is drop in the page elements you desire, including ads from your sponsors.

Set up your E-newsletter just like you would a web page, then hit the Preview & Send Message button

Click the Send Message button

Instructional video

Watch the video below to learn how to send emails from several places in the Admin Control Panel, targeting selected groups with plain or rich text messages.

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