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11 Reasons Every High School Needs a Strength and Conditioning Program

By Stack MVP, 01/14/20, 7:30PM CST


Below are 11 reasons why every high school needs a strength and conditioning program.

Ask a group of 14- to 18-year-old student-athletes to get into a "good squat position" and see what happens.

Based on my past experiences as a coach, athletic trainer and athletic director, you'll likely see a few different things.

You will have a few individuals that keep their chests up, have a nice flat back, thighs parallel to the ground—good, safe form.

Another handful will likely be looking around to their peers for guidance and mimicking what the first group is doing, but may need minor corrections or cues to help them establish the proper position.

Meanwhile, several others are likely in some sort of awkward position—likely not one that resembles a true, safe squat technique. But they can learn.