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Is Your Child Playing the Wrong Sport?

By I Love to Watch You Play, 12/10/19, 2:30PM CST


Fun should always be the priority and anything that has kids moving their bodies is a positive! But hopefully this guide gives you some food for thought when you are thinking about choosing a sport.

When my oldest was born, like most parents in our area, we couldn’t wait for her to start playing sports and signed her up for soccer as soon as we could. She played AYSO for two years and even tried out for a club team. But something wasn’t right, and the clues were everywhere. We just weren’t paying attention. Note to self, when you find yourself yelling, “RUN!” constantly from the sidelines, maybe a ‘running’ sport isn’t a great fit. Still, we ignored the signs and spent several years trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Eventually, we tried water polo (to learn what it takes to play water polo, READ HERE), and she quickly fell in love. To this day, she likes to say that she’s ‘not great on land.’ Too often, parents start their kids in soccer, tee-ball or basketball, and fail to explore sports better suited to their child’s natural build, temperament, or physicality level. Of course having fun and moving their bodies is always a great choice, no matter what the sport. But we hope this gets you thinking about trying other sports.