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The Best Stretches to Do After Skiing

By Hayden Carpenter, Outside, 12/03/19, 2:00PM CST


These moves target the main muscles you use while skiing—the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, hip adductors and rotators, and back—but they’re not limited to alpine skiers.

Stretching. We all know we should do it, but the call of the couch, hot tub, or bar can be overpowering after a long day on the slopes. “Ideally, everyone could get home and get after it immediately,” says Nicole Haas, a physical therapist based in Boulder, Colorado. “But après always seems to get in the way.”

Haas, an athlete herself, understands this challenge. “My M.O. is to create triage versions of mobility exercises so people can do them on the fly,” she says. “I have programs that are, like, here is the stretch you should really be doing, and here’s the standing-at-the-bar or before-you-get-in-your-car version.” We reached out to Haas to get the lowdown on the best stretches for skiers, boots on or off. For the dawn patrollers out there, many of these can be done at a standing desk as well, so you can loosen up while you check your email.