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How To Raise Thankful Kids

By Janis, RC Families, 11/25/19, 7:30PM CST


Your desire to raise thankful kids has to be YOUR DECISION. In other words, it’s not going to happen by default. You have to commit yourself to thankfulness yourself, then be intentional about passing that on to your kids–all year round.

It’s the time of the year for thankfulness. We do thankful things: we share with those who have less, give generously to the Salvation Army Bellringers, and look for ways to teach our children gratefulness so they can be thankful kids.

These are all good things. I’m glad that Thanksgiving and the holiday season remind us of the joy that comes with a thankful attitude.

Parents who want to raise thankful kids tend to take advantage of the holidays to instill gratefulness in a myriad of ways. And again, I’m totally on board with this. But if you truly want to raise thankful kids, then your strategy has to go way beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas.