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9 Ways to Make Time for Exercise

By Stack MVP, 11/19/19, 9:15AM CST


Here are 9 tips for making time for exercise.

What is the No. 1 excuse for not exercising?

Survey says: "Lack of time."

But is it truly that we're too busy, or is it something deeper?

Each day, life seems to pull our attention in a hundred different directions—family, work, social media, chores, errands.

Amongst it all, exercise can easily get lost in the shuffle. And for millions of Americans, that's exactly what happens. Their time to exercise just seems to disappear.

However, let's break down a typical week and point out how it's almost always possible to make time for exercise. Note that I say "make." If you expect it just to happen, it probably won't. But if you make an effort to truly find the time, you can.