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A Better Approach To Winning: Lessons From The Positive Coaching Alliance

By William F. Meehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker, Forbes, 11/18/19, 1:45PM CST


The wrong kind of coaching takes a huge toll on children, whereas the best kind of coaching has a positive and often transformative effect on them.

Sometimes the most visionary leaders stand out not just for their ability to see new solutions to big problems, but also for their unusual skill at identifying problems that few others have seen fit to notice. They take seriously an aspect of social life that most people take for granted. They discern—and then act upon—an urgent need to bring fundamental change to a seemingly unchangeable field of practice.

At first glance, the field of youth sports coaching doesn’t seem like a promising arena for achieving significant social impact. Coaching can be good, or it can be lousy—but either way, how much is really at stake? For many generations, people have viewed less-than-great coaching as an unfortunate fact of life, not as a problem that calls for a solution.