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Athletes who Get Benched for Mistakes

By Patrick Cohn, The Ultimate Sports Parent, 10/25/19, 4:45PM CDT


Mistake avoidance will cause your sports children to play tentatively and nervously. If they treat mistakes as something that should be avoided, it will be harder for them to take risks and grow.

A young athlete writes,

“Sometimes I feel as if I don’t want to keep playing club volleyball and as a person who truly LOVES volleyball I have never ever met a team and coach who puts me down when I make a mistake rather than get me backup and help me improve. Every time I make a mistake my (current) coach tends to take me out of the game and let the other girls play and I always break down crying feeling that I will never get better and I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Sometimes coaches punish kids for messing up in the game. They might bench them from the game or yell at them in front of teammates.