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How Coaches Help Others Thrive

By Scott Fintzy, Thrive Global, 10/15/19, 8:30PM CDT


Coaching is much more than an extracurricular activity focused on achieving success. Instead, it is a long-term commitment to each and every member of one’s team, as well as their personal improvement, mindset, and the fulfillment of their respective goals. 

When one thinks of a sports coach, many different images may pop into their mind. For some, they may picture someone who was always tough on them, pushing them and their teammates to achieve the utmost level of perfection possible. For others, they may be reminded of a firm but caring leader who took the wellbeing of individual team members incredibly seriously. Others still may be reminded of their own parents, who coached one or more of their organized team sports throughout their youth. 

Regardless of the image you see when you think of the word “coach,” there is one thing each of these leaders had in common: they were absolutely vital to the team’s success.