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Simple Tips To Improve Self-Esteem

By Mental Toughness Trainer, 10/06/19, 11:45AM CDT


Nobody’s perfect, some negative thoughts will slip through and you’ll feel bad when it happens.

“I’m worthless, I can’t do anything right…”
It Drives Me Crazy When I Hear People Talking Like This
It needs to stop!

I talk a lot about confidence, we’ve even created a course that’s helped thousands to build their confidence.

What I haven’t talked about for a while is self-esteem.

Confidence is how you feel about your abilities.

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself.

Too many people make the mistake of tying their self-worth up in their sport, job, schoolwork.

That’s dangerous!

Self-esteem *SHOULD* be based on who you are not how well you did today in the game.

Take away your sports performance, the job performance and/or your school performance…

How would you describe yourself? THAT is what self-esteem is based on.

Don’t like what you see?