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How to Navigate Sporting Events With Kids

By Jeff Vrabel, Men's Health, 10/08/19, 9:15AM CDT


My son is not a big baseball guy, and I think he did it mostly because he knew I’d like to see it—and we made a little memory that transcended the game. That’s why you take your kids to sports, or anything.

If you’re a father figure, there are few experiences more meaningful, more tradition-soaked, more man-emotionally resonant than attending a live sporting event. It’s about being in the Arena of Competition, enjoying time with your family, and spending way too much on churros but not minding one bit because, come on, you’re making memories (and also churros are delicious).

That said, there are a few universal rules that can maximize your family’s sport-absorbing experience, whether you’re a hardcore Sports Dad taking his college-bound son to a ballgame with playoff implications at the end of September, or you’re making a spot decision to grab some football tickets on any given Sunday. Here are just a few:

1. Does your team stink this year? Go see them anyway.

Without putting too fine a point on it, some teams are just… not very good. And that’s okay! These teams want people in the stands too, and they’ll do fun stuff to put them there, like drop prices. A lot. Sometimes a lot. You might just be able to get into the ballgame for peanuts. (I won't apologize for that. Dad jokes are a staple of any great day at the stadium.)