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8 Moms Share How They Won Over Their Picky Eater

By Carin Gorrell, SheKnows, 09/18/19, 6:15PM CDT


Steal these tricks and tips for getting your kids to eat what you put on the table.

When it comes to raising kids, they say everything is a stage. And for the most part, “they” would be right. There’s the obsessed-with-dinosaurs phase. The let’s-talk-about-space phase. The happily-coloring-the-afternoon-away phase. The police-costume-24/7 phase. So why, when compared to its adorably-fleeting cousins, does the picky-eater stage seem to end, well, never? If your grade-schooler is maddeningly selective about what he or she will put on their plate, you’re in plenty of (equally exasperated) company.

One study of children ages 2 through 11 found up to 22 percent were reported to be picky eaters at any given age. (Though an informal survey of moms would definitely put that percentage at a much higher number.)