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Official vs. Unofficial Visits: What's the Difference?

By Stack MVP, 09/17/19, 8:00PM CDT


Visits are an integral part of the college admissions process, regardless of whether you're a recruited athlete or not. When you get the opportunity to visit a campus you're potentially interested in, take full advantage of the time you have there.

Whether you're an aspiring college athlete or not, one of the most effective parts of the college application process is visiting a campus. It's the best way to find out if you like or don't like a campus and why.

Every college admissions office puts together a laundry list of visit opportunities for prospective students on a yearly basis, but there is an extra wrinkle for prospective student-athletes. That comes in the form of official and unofficial visits. While everyone understands that one is official and the other isn't, what are the differences and how do they apply to those impacted?