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Why In-Season Strength Training Is Essential for Soccer Players

By Stack MVP, 09/11/19, 1:30PM CDT


If players want to have a healthy and empowering career that lasts for the long-term, they better prioritize a year-round strength plan.

"In-season training is not necessary," one youth soccer coach once uttered to me.

"My kid is too busy to make time for in-season strength training," one parent has told me, while another added, "With school and all of these activities, it is hard to get in a workout."

These comments are frustrating to say the least.

Before I reply to them drawing on proven exercise science, 100 different research studies on the benefits of year-round resistance training, and countless practical examples from years of coaching, I start with a relatable analogy.

"Would your child stop brushing their teeth when they get busy with school and life?"