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The Car Ride Home Part 6: Patience

By Mark Maguire, CoachUp Nation, 09/04/19, 6:45PM CDT


Allow your child to become a better you. Allow your child to find their way. With patience they will listen to you. With impatience they will ignore you.

Part 6) Why your patience is a huge key with your child.

A while back I spoke with a high performance coach who also happened to be a scout for a Major League club. He observed for many years the anxiety parents struggle with as they watch their kids develop in the game.

He asked me to write something on patience. He just wished parents could be more patient with their young athletes and the process. He wished parents could understand that some kids are not skilled or mentally tough enough for professional baseball. They may be more suited to different levels of college or being a valuable player on a state or  club team.