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Marketplace Partners - Press Release Guidelines

By SportsEngine Marketplace, 09/04/19, 2:15PM CDT



SportsEngine will provide a single written quote from a VP or executive within the organization on their excitement around the marketplace partnership with the specific organization.


SportsEngine will not write or distribute the press release via their news wire or social media platforms. To purchase the press release package for an additional cost, see a la carte pricing.


  1. Press release must be written from the partner as the main representative releasing the news (not SportsEngine)
  2. Press release must have quote provided directly from a SportsEngine representative. Please do not use a pre-written quote without approval
  3. The press release draft must be shared with SportsEngine marketing for review before publishing


If you do want to move forward with a press release announcing the Marketplace partnership:

  1. Draft release
  2. Email release to to review, edit, and add in an executive quote
  3. SportsEngine will confirm press release is approved for you to publish

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