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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for a Race

By Katie Rhodes, USA Triathlon, 08/27/19, 1:30PM CDT


Preparation is key to any successful race week. It may sound too simple, but write out your plan. Preparing for the week like you are studying for a test will establish concrete goals and generate recall when the week approaches. 

Let’s be real, most of the races you sign up for are not in your hometown. You travel or meet up with family and friends to combine a race with a little vacation getaway.

Am I right?

Yes, you can successfully train by preparing your body for the race, but what about the hard work you have put in nutritionally to prepare for race day? Do not let your travel plans sabotage your performance outcomes.

Through my experience working with athletes and after polling my current and past athletes on the topic, I have a few tips that are for sure game changers when it comes to sticking to your nutrition goals during race day travel. 

Pack food your body is accustomed to consuming

This is key if you are able to bring food along for the ride. If you are traveling in your car, this can be easy with a cooler. Pack easily accessible snacks and meals you would normally consume race week. Race week is not the time to introduce any new foods to your gastrointestinal system.

If you are traveling by plane, you may discover packing food is easier than you think. Check out this link for what you can and cannot bring with you, according to TSA guidelines.