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Six Injury-Prevention Tips to Keep Your Athlete Healthy and Happy

By Maddy Dwyer, Stanford Children's Health, 08/19/19, 11:45PM CDT


Back to school means back to playing sports. Here are six injury-prevention tips to help ensure that your child is ready for the season.

Now more than ever, young athletes are pushing themselves to perform their best, often at the expense of their physical health. As a result, injury rates in youth athletics are on the rise. Sports medicine experts at Stanford Children’s Health have put together a few injury prevention tips to help prevent your child from getting injured:

Make sure that he or she is prepared for the upcoming season.

During an athlete’s season, much of the time is focused on sports-specific training to ensure that athletes are game ready. It is important to create a conditioning program focusing on strength, power, speed and coordination that they can utilize in the off-season or during a less intense point in the season. Children of 8 years and older are advised to use this type of conditioning program under supervision.