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Athletes Who Get Nervous During Tryouts

By Patrick Cohn, The Ultimate Sports Parent, 08/14/19, 1:45PM CDT


Making the team is out of their control, so the most productive thing they can do is relax, trust their learned skills, and play the game as if the coaches weren’t even there.

How to Handle the Pressure of Tryouts

Trying out for a new team will rattle the nerves of many young athletes. They may make constant comparisons to other players or try to play perfectly to impress the coaches.

The mental game and mindset is super important for having a successful tryout…

Your young athletes may arrive at the tryout and feel the pressure to perform better than the other athletes, all under the watchful eye of the coaches. They may think about how important it is to be perfect, and every mistake will feel like the end of the world to them.

What’s more, they may keep their eyes on other players, asking themselves “Are they playing better than me?” and “How can I show that I am better than the other players?”