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The Car Ride Home Part 3: Stress

By Mark Maguire, CoachUp Nation, 08/12/19, 1:30PM CDT


Cheer your heart out; applaud your child’s effort. Even clap the opposition team. All your child needs to hear from you after the game is, “I enjoyed watching you play.”

Part 3) How to stop dumping your stress on your kids.

Recently, I spoke to a group of baseball parents while their kids were beginning a Friday night winter program. I spoke about how our stress and anxiousness while watching them doesn’t decrease as they get older. It only increases.

The players’ ages ranged from nine to twelve. Every player wanted to be there to improve his or her skills.

Every parent desires to see their young athlete perform to the best of his or her ability, and hopefully, see their child go on to do something in their chosen sport.