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I Tried 3 Pro Athlete Moves to Improve My Workout Game

By Daniel Davies, Mens Health, 08/06/19, 7:00AM CDT


The moves these athletes use are specifically chosen to help them excel in their sport. That's what they both do, and it's what helps keep them at the top of their game.

Whether they’re cutting shapes on a snowboard or evading tackles from behemoths, it’s fair to say that both snowboarder Billy Morgan and rugby ace Jack Nowell go hard. But what allows them to be at their ferocious best is the intense work they put in during training and gym sessions.

We found out the exact moves that Morgan and Nowell use during training to help them get physically and mentally prepared. I’ve been using these pro moves in my workouts for a while to see what difference they can make, and what I can learn from the pros. Now, it’s your turn.