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4 Leadership Models: for Parents, Coaches, and Other Leaders

By Janis B Meredith, RC Families , 06/27/19, 3:45PM CDT


True leadership is a tricky balance of supporting and challenging — whether you are a parent, coach, teacher, or leader on the job.

It’s a hard balance to maintain. You want to push kids and challenge them to do their best AND you should encourage them so that they will keep trying. Unfortunately, parents, coaches, and leaders tend to lean heavily on one or the other.

The result is that some parenting/leadership models do not help others reach their potential.

In the book The 100X Leader, authors Kubicek, and Cochran explain 4 leadership models that come from the support/challenge matrix; those models are: Protect, Abdicate, Liberate, and Dominate.

Let’s look at each model and see which one you fit into.