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Mississippi Area Youth Football Team Learning Life Lessons

By Jim Holder, WTVA, 05/31/19, 12:00PM CDT


"It's very comforting, because you don't have that (family atmosphere) in a lot of places, so it's good that this organization is here that does that," 

When the Verona Outlaws practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the youth football team isn't just learning about the game. They're also learning about life.

"It's fun, you just have to listen to the coaches, be disciplined, and fly out there and have fun," said 11-year-old Austin Blanchard, who plays middle linebacker, tight end, and running back. Bill Huddleston started the program eight years ago. He says there's no entry fee to play, and he helps pay for the costs out of his own pocket. "I don't see professional football players out there," Huddleston said. "What I see out there are teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and I just want to make it better than our generation when we came up.