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Jackie Robinson’s Daughter Carries On Family Legacy of Breaking Barriers

By Dom Amore, Finger Lake Times, 05/29/19, 12:00PM CDT


"There are many of the type of athletes my dad would admire, the type who works hard at the craft and is talented, but more importantly understands that they can have a voice in social change in this country."

To speak with Sharon Robinson is to make a connection with history, baseball and beyond, and with the courage and commitment it takes to make it. She sees much around her that is troubling, that would have troubled her father, Jackie, but she also sees encouraging signs.

"I'm most encouraged by children lifting their voices," Robinson said. "As we've seen from Stoneman Douglas and other instances of young people reaching out and saying, 'I'm going to do something' about a crisis or a social injustice or inequality, raising money for major storms, whatever the issue is. I really feel encouraged when young people realize they have a voice and are willing to use it to make a difference."