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Scandal-Free Help With College Costs – A Scholarship for Kindness and Sportsmanship

By Benzinga, 05/23/19, 12:00PM CDT


Her work helped to build publicity for her fundraising efforts with the Children's Organ Transplant Association.

In an era defined by historic levels of bullying, divisiveness, and yes, even college scandals, Trophy Central, Inc. is taking a different direction - rewarding high school students who exhibit exemplary levels of kindness. Students can apply to win a scholarship towards their first year of college by demonstrating outstanding citizenship, sportsmanship, charity, and neighborly benevolence.

"We seem to have taken several steps backwards recently, or perhaps worse, we have completely lost our footing. With every message amplified by social media, we need to drown out negative behavior by recognizing and promoting acts of kindness to an even higher degree. So, we decided we want to do our part to help change things. We started this popular program last year to help students pay for college – which has become so costly," explains Neil Rader, Founder and President of Trophy Central, Inc.