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How to Build Confidence When Coaching Boys vs Girls

By Mental Toughness Trainer, 05/15/19, 12:00PM CDT


Because too often girls rely on other people to make them feel good, instead of looking inside and realizing that I have enough within myself to be confident to be able to do this.

Girls and boys each their have unique needs when it comes training. In this video, Coach Jen Croneberger discusses ways on How To Build Confidence When Coaching Boys vs Girls. Coach Jen works with many community groups helping girls with leadership, teaching motivation and confidence.

Both boys and girls suffer from confidence issues. I think for females there is a lot more of an “I don’t want to let anyone else down” factor. “I don’t want to disappoint my parents, my coaches, my teammates.” I think for boys it’s a lot of times the ego gets in the way.  That has just been my experience.

It is not in a bad way that the ego gets in the way. It’s in a way that all circles back to “I don’t want to let people down, so I need to be the one to carry the team.