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Youth Sports Serve Many Purposes, Including Developing Friendships

By Vince Grippi, SpokesMan, 05/15/19, 12:00PM CDT


To paraphrase the good Doctor Seuss, oh the places your kid’s sports will take them – and you. And the people you will meet.

The announcement of the retirement of a local businessman yesterday got me to thinking about relationships. Actually, a certain type of relationship. The type of relationship you develop through your children and sports.

• Just about everyone lately has been examining the relationships sports brings to our lives. The most notable, at least recently, has been brought to us by Doug Baldwin. The retiring – it seems – Seahawk receiver spent a lot of time on Twitter the past few days espousing his views on relationships and football. And remembering the good times. But the relationships built through your child’s sporting endeavors are different.