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Kindle the Fire

By SwimSwam, 05/14/19, 12:00PM CDT


Be their fan. This may sound obvious, but it’s so critical they know it.  And remind them to be their own fan too. This inspires a fire in your swimmer that you can spot at every meet. 

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. This is a memorable day for swim moms because of the intense roll we play in the lives of athletes.  We wash thousands of towels, cook thousands of meals, know the locations of pools everywhere we go, and are always prepared with goggles, snacks, and towels.

But today as I was drinking coffee and the house was quiet, I read a great article about what all moms are supposed to do.  I shed a few tears as I realized how deeply this statement applied to swim moms. We kindle the fire in our children so they can live their passions. This is so very true. And even the greatest swimmers on the planet will tell you that their moms helped orchestrate their swim journeys.  l knew when my Hannah was swimming across the pool at four and never wanted to stop that she’d found her love.