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How to Win Cross Country Running

By On Running, 05/13/19, 12:00PM CDT


One of the parts of cross country running people often underestimate is how much up and down is involved. 

The history of cross country running

Cross country running originates back to England as early as 1837, when schools began competitions against each other in the sport. The first championship was held in 1867 and from there, it was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1912. Cross country was a popular event for the Games, however in the 1924 Olympics in Paris, a heatwave on event day resulted in only 15 of the 38 runners in the final reaching the finish line, with the rest needing to be rescued by medics. The public were so horrified at the conditions the cross country athletes endured that Olympic officials ruled to ban cross country running from future Games (though it remained a part of the modern Olympic pentathlon).

Fast-forward to nearly a hundred years later: cross country has returned and for the first time, will appear in the 2018 Youth Olympics in Argentina, with rumors this will then pave the way for it at a future Olympic Games.