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The Psychology of Competition in Sports

By Mental Toughness Trainer, 05/07/19, 12:00PM CDT


So practice like its competition, but compete like its practice. You’ve got to get the emotions to balance out.

Let’s talk about the Psychology of Competition in Sports.

How do you create a winning mindset so you are prepared and ready when it comes to competition time? Today we are sharing insights on The Psychology of Competition from Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar.

I had a motto and many of us in the gym have this motto at UCLA. And the motto is this, “Practice as if its competition, but compete as if its practice.” Meaning everyday matters. It is easy in the drudgery of training day in and day out to just show up at the gym or show up on the track and work out hard, but if you are not mentally tough in putting yourself in that competitive environment then I think you are short changing yourself when it comes to the competition.