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Advanced Hockey Agility Training

By Dan Garner, Hockey Training, 04/16/19, 12:00PM CDT


Stop doing the things you’re already good at and start getting better at the things you suck at because it’s those things that are holding you back, ten times out of ten.

What Is Hockey Agility?

A characteristic of performance is in so many cases an accumulation of many underlying factors that all contribute to what we deem that characteristic is. For example, in this video, I talk about how hockey speed is actually the combination of ten different physical quality characteristics that have to be trained and executed in order for you to become faster out on the ice.

Agility is no different. To think agility is one quality that you train is nonsense, agility is the combination of eight different things. Any agility workout you see is simply emphasizing one of those characteristics, but not all of them. This is where a lot of the frustrating “sport specific” and “functional training” crowds get it completely wrong.