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How to Throw Better in Shot Put and Discus

By Timothy Onkst, LiveStrong, 04/15/19, 12:00PM CDT


Perform a short, cardio warm-up before working out or practicing your throwing technique. This helps prepare your muscles for the task, allows for a better range of motion and can help reduce muscles pulls and strains.

The shot put and discus are throwing events in track and field. The shot put involves throwing a heavy, round metal ball, while the discus involves throwing a heavy round disc. According to Sports Coach Brian Mackenzie, throwers in shot and discus need explosive strength, speed and balance. To improve in the track throwing events, you need to focus on improving sport specific strength and refining your throwing technique.

Step 1

Perform Olympic-style weightlifting often to improve your strength. Sports coach Brian Mackenzie notes that these lifts start at the ground and end with energy exploding through the arms. That means that these lifts mimic the motion of the shot and discus throw.