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For Their Health, Teach Your Kids to ‘Eat the Rainbow’

By Carrie Steinweg, NWI, 04/11/19, 12:00PM CDT


“The more parents and caregivers involve kids in cooking and grocery shopping, the more familiar they will become and more likely they will be to eat that fruit or vegetable."

Since the beginning of time, moms have been telling their kids to eat their vegetables and that green things are good for you. In more recent years, the advice has shifted to encouraging kids to “eat the rainbow.” It’s pretty straightforward — colorful veggies are good for our bodies. But not all veggies and fruits are created equal, and some are packed with more nutrition than others.

And no matter how pretty they are or how nutritious they are, parents continue to struggle with getting kids to like what’s best for them. What else do you need to know about getting kids to eat the rainbow? Some local dietitians weigh in. “The greater variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet the more vitamins and mineral you will consume,” said Allison Forajter, clinical dietitian with Community Healthcare System.