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Coach Geno Needs to Check Himself

By Asia Mape, I Love to Watch You Play, 04/11/19, 12:00PM CDT


So even asking for a transfer could trigger retaliatory consequences. All of these paths carry tremendous risk for the players.

While addressing reporters on April 2, Geno Auriemma, head coach of women’s basketball at the University of Connecticut, made the following incredible statement:

“The majority of coaches in America are afraid of their players.”

Let’s pause to consider that comment. Particularly those of you who have ever played at the collegiate level, or have had kids playing at that level, let that statement sink in for just a second. I’ll give you a minute …

Auriemma continued:

“The NCAA, the athletic directors and society have [sic] made them afraid of their players. Every article you read: ‘This guy’s a bully. This woman’s a bully. This guy went over the line. This woman was inappropriate.’ Yet the players get off scot-free in everything. They can do whatever they want. They don’t like something you say to them, they transfer. Coaches, they have to coach with one hand behind their back. Why? Because some people have abused the role of a coach.”