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15 Eye-Opening Facts About Youth Sports

By Janis Meredithm USA Football, 03/24/19, 10:45PM CDT


The statistics show that youth sports in its purest form is a wonderful learning and growing experience for kids.

  1. Kids are starting earlier and earlier. Sixty-seven percent of boys and 47 percent of girls are already on teams by age 6 (ESPN).
  2. Kids are getting busier. Fifty-one percent of third- to fifth-grade boys who live in the suburbs play on three or more teams (ESPN).
  3. Kids are defining themselves by their sports. Sixty-one percent of all boys who play say that sports are a big part of who they are. Thirty-four percent of girls say the same thing.
  4. Kids are quitting because they don’t have fun.The biggest reason kids quit sports is because they are not having fun (36 percent girls, 39 percent boys) (ESPN).
  5. Kids in the city have fewer opportunities to play sports. Urban boys (39 percent) and girls (28 percent) have fewer roster positions available than rural boys and girls (50 percent, 63 percent) (ESPN).