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Why You Should Get Your Family Involved in Sports

By Ron Sandack, Thrive Global, 03/22/19, 12:00PM CDT


Playing youth sports affords both the players and their parents the opportunity to meet new people, learn about others, and interact on a team basis for a common interest.

Sports is life. That’s what a former college professor of mine used to often preach. He’d regularly deliver thoughtful lectures analogizing a sports-related matter to a real-life situation. It was then, after my youth team sports “career” was concluded, that I gave meaningful thought about the real importance of sports; including tangible lessons learned.

While I was growing up, playing sports was everything in my neighborhood and a truly essential part of being a kid. Being active, making new friends, and finding a passion in the game was what it was all about amongst my friends. But it was more than that with respect to organized youth sports; it was a family thing back then. It should be the same now.