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Optimizing Sports Performance From the Ground Up

By Phil Loomis, Athletes' Acceleration , 03/21/19, 12:00PM CDT


The feet act as sensory receivers that transduce information from the floor/ground up to the brain stem. 

Everyone loves their shoes! Many folks are devoted enthusiasts of a certain brand. Others want to make a fashion statement with their kicks and some just need to wear something that’s comfortable. As performance coaches, there’s no doubt we love our footwear and the athletes we coach are no different.

That said, it’s easy to overlook the feet sometimes because they are encased in the latest shoe innovation. But when we take those shoes off and look down at our feet what do we see? Is it a lifeless club?  Can you even feel your feet? Are your toes scrunched together? Does your forefoot flare out? Is there a rather disproportionate concave bulge near the medial subtalar joint/inner ankle?