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Common Mistakes in Athletic Recruiting

By Mental Toughness Trainer, 03/05/19, 12:00PM CST


Other things that athletes do and families do that are big mistakes include expecting somebody else to do it for you.

Avoid these common mistakes in athletic recruiting. Most parents want to put their child on the best schools for their future.  Some parents go after scholarships but has low quality in terms of training for their child. Learn more about common mistakes in athletic recruiting by watching the video below. The most important thing that we work with our client with is helping them avoid those really common mistakes.  They are really simply concepts.

Probably the biggest one is to target schools above their ability level, so they see the schools they have heard of, the school that go on the ticker at the bottom of ESPN. Those are the schools that they target.  They want to go to Notre Dame or Alabama or Texas or Ohio State, and they don’t really have an understanding of thedifferent levels of playing in college.  They only target those schools.  That is a major mistake that they make.