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High School Football: Nantucket Enjoys City Life

By Brendan Connelly, Boston Herald 11/02/2018, 12:00pm CDT

"We were talking before the game about how it's an opportunity for a lifetime. It will never happen again. So that really got us hyped up for the game.” 

Comin' Home to Boston

By SportsEngine 11/02/2018, 12:00am CDT

Sweepstakes winner Boston Latin gets visit from NBC Sunday Night Football Bus

The NBC Sunday Night Football Bus visited the game between Nantucket and Boston Latin at West Roxbury High School on Saturday, Oct. 13. Boston Latin was the winner of the SportsEngine Comin' Home Sweepstakes.

Comin' Home Sweepstakes winnner Boston Latin High to host Nantucket on Saturday

"We are excited to have Nantucket High School coming to play us. We’ve never competed against them in any sport, and we are gracious as they are traveling a long way, by land and sea."

How Parents Can Influence Their Kids' Youth Sports Choices

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/15/2018, 12:15am CDT

Tips on knowing what to say, and how to say it, when it comes to guiding kids' in their youth sports journeys.

Professional Athletes Provide Their Thoughts on Youth Sports

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/13/2018, 12:15am CDT

Thefts in Youth Sports Cost Organizations Millions of Dollars

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/12/2018, 12:15am CDT

NBC10 Investigators look at youth sports thefts and why they are so easy

Countless child athletes join youth sports leagues to compete and have fun. But some people close to them take those opportunities away. The NBC10 Investigators take a look at thefts from youth sports and why it's so easy to do.

The Balance Between Fun And Winning

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/11/2018, 12:15am CDT

Where is the line drawn between having fun versus competing to win?

Where is the line drawn between having fun versus competing to win?

Specialization among young athletes

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/09/2018, 12:15am CDT

The benefits of playing multiple sports as a young athlete, and when making the switch to focusing on a single sport makes sense for some.

Keeping the Fun in Youth Sports

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/07/2018, 12:15am CDT

The Role of Coaches: Building Character Off the Field

By NBC Sports, FairPlay 06/06/2018, 12:15am CDT

How a coach can help build the traits in young athletes they will use outside of sports as they age.

Parents & Athletes

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