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Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin

Chicago soccer coach wins SportsEngine TrueSport Champion Coach Recognition award

By Leila Rahimi, NBC Sports-Chicago 12/13/2019, 12:00am CST

Catalyst Maria soccer coach Jose Miguel Burgos said he’d never been surprised, until the day the school, his players and even family from Chile let him know he won the SportsEngine TrueSport Champion Coach Recognition Award.

Admirals Hockey a Model of Success in Illinois

By Stephen Kerr, USA Hockey 03/26/2019, 1:15pm CDT

Playing hard and having fun is also a big part of USA Hockey’s American Development Model, which the Admirals have implemented over the past six years. The club officially became a model association in 2016, fully committing themselves to the highest standards of youth hockey development.

Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It

By Karissa Niehoff, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association 01/15/2019, 12:00pm CST

Adult role models at high school athletic events here in Wisconsin are always welcome.  

Midwest Sailing's 'Mother Hen' Is Known to All

By Sam Wigness, SportsEngine 10/11/2018, 1:15am CDT

Candace Porter's contributions, influence over four decades of volunteering impossible to measure

“If I tried to tell you what her role is at the club I would be diminishing that role. Everywhere I go, everybody knows Candace. Everybody knows her because all their kids have been schooled by her."

The Man Behind the Mission

By Harry Thompson, USA Hockey 08/16/2018, 12:00pm CDT

“Everybody who has a job right now as a goalie coach should thank their lucky stars for Herb Brooks and Warren Strelow. Because without them, it was, ‘get in the net, stop the puck, don’t bother them.’ ”

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Beach Passing Basics

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/24/2018, 8:45pm CDT

Empowered Sports Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana, shares passing movement and progression drills for training passing in the beach and indoor.

Opportunities to try the sport can be rare in inner-city Detroit

Detroit Ice Dreams Provide a Place to Play Hockey

By Greg Bates, USA Hockey 04/04/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Opportunities to try the sport can be rare in inner-city Detroit

In just four short years, the Detroit Ice Dreams have built a strong program. There are about 30 kids ages 3-17 who play on a regular basis plus another 10 kids in a learn-to-skate class.

Mount Union Football Coach Talks College Recruiting

By Playced 03/05/2018, 12:00pm CST

College football isn’t about what you think you deserve. It’s not about what you think you’re entitled to. It’s about what you earn.

Seven Minutes with Ohio State's Micah Jordan

By Andy Hamilton, Trackwrestling 02/28/2018, 12:00pm CST

This is the 54th installment of Seven Minutes. It's a series of interviews with college wrestling's top stars. Most of the question-and-answer sessions last roughly seven minutes. Hence the name. 

Miami University Joins Youth Development Program to Foster ADM Excellence

By Stephen Kerr, USA Hockey 02/23/2018, 12:00pm CST

"I hope other colleges and universities, regardless of the level, get involved and incorporate utilizing those players and working with the youth players. It makes the game better.”

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