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Why It's Great to Have Standouts on Your Team

By Elizabeth Wickham, SwimSwam 04/23/2018, 12:00pm CDT

If some swimmers are getting press, it’s good for the team and swimming in general. It may lead to more kids becoming swimmers or attention in the community for donations and sponsors.

Help Coach! I'm Afraid of the Ball

By Coach Damon Wilson 04/19/2018, 4:00pm CDT

A goalie's guide to overcoming the fear of the shot

A goalie's guide to overcoming fear of the shot. 

Tips for Running a Successful Preseason Team Meeting

By Ruth Nicholson, GO! 04/18/2018, 10:30am CDT

How to clarify expectations, establish realistic goals, and set a positive tone for the season

While the team manager and team treasurer can provide valuable help in planning the meeting, the coach should be the lead person facilitating the first team meeting.

New to Coaching? Brad Stevens Has Advice

By Positive Coaching Alliance 04/13/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Body Contact Should Be Taught at Every Level

By Mike Doyle, USA Hockey 04/10/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Players can use their bodies to protect the puck. Bracing for impact and having strong balance are key in puck protection

“Understand that it’s OK to bump and it’s going to happen out there, and that it will help with being stable out on the ice. Just giving them that mentality that this is how the game is played.”

Can Youth Sports be Both Fun and Competitive?

By Reed Maltbie, Changing The Game Project 04/09/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Fun is not about deriving pleasure at all times from an activity. Having fun is more about “enjoyment” of the activity.

Fun and competition do not exist at polar ends of a continuum in youth sports. In fact, fun and competition can actually be the same concept for kids.

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