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Make sure your kids are developing healthy eating and sleeping habits so that they can succeed on and off the field.

Why Are Young Athletes Quitting Sports?

By Next College Student Athlete 04/20/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Kids want action, freedom and control over their activites

Find out what they find fun about their sports — and what they don’t enjoy. Then you can start to adjust their experience.

Sports Supplements: Buyer Beware?

By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation 04/19/2018, 12:00pm CDT

The basic supplement question is: If you are deficient, what led to that deficiency and what dietary changes will you make to resolve the issue so that it doesn't happen again? 

The Importance of Hydration for Youth Athletes

By Jeanne Goodes, Breaking Muscle 04/17/2018, 12:00pm CDT

For coaches and trainers, I offer this: Make it mandatory that your athletes have at least 32 ounces of water at every practice or game (or as weather conditions dictate), as well as have a cooler of water readily available to your athletes.

How Much Sleep Do Athletes Need?

By Huffington Post 04/13/2018, 12:00pm CDT

"The development of sleep tracking has been a huge benefit for people, especially athletes, for understanding and optimizing their personal sleep needs.”

Athletic Nutrition for Young Athletes

By US Youth Soccer 04/10/2018, 12:00pm CDT

If the athletes are rewarded for their performances in the way of sweets or fast food, it must be stressed that they should only receive these treats after their game and not as a replacement for regular meals. 

From Pads to Flags: A New Era of Youth Football?

By Matthew Cox, Player's Health 04/09/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Increase in awareness and scientific focus should result in safest possible system

The CLF published a white paper that details the supporting research showing why 14 years of age was selected as the appropriate milestone for young football players to begin engaging in full contact, tackle football.

Keeping Your Kids Safe from Overuse, Long-Term Injuries

By Marni Hughes, Q13 Fox 04/04/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Overuse injuries as a kid may lead to health problems down the road, like osteoarthritis and chronic pain. But he adds that inactivity should never be an option.

Fueling Our Youth Athletes

By Skye Eddy Bruce, Soccer Parenting Association 04/02/2018, 12:00pm CDT

There are a lot of demands placed on our children athletically and nutrition is a way we can really help.

18 Tips For Sports Injury Prevention

By Pain Doctor 03/30/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Many sports injuries are a direct result of performing the same action over and over again. Sports injury prevention focuses on reducing these repetitive movements, when possible. 

Hydration in Sports: It's All About Balance

By Tamara Hew Butler, DPM, Ph.D., FASCM, Mom's Team 03/28/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Proper hydration is a physiologically-mediated behavioral drive which can be consciously overridden by inappropriate advice. 

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