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Make sure your kids are developing healthy eating and sleeping habits so that they can succeed on and off the field.

Is Your Performance Problem a Physical or Mental Issue?

By Mental Toughness Trainer 06/22/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Our potential is ever increasing based on gaining skills and knowledge and practicing, becoming more consistent, but clearing the interference is the bulk of it all. So your unconscious mind controls your body.

Study: Helmet Type, Age Doesn't Affect Concussion Risk

By Lindsey Barton Straus, Mom's Team 06/20/2018, 12:00pm CDT

... While football helmets do a "great job of preventing skull fractures, they can't stop the brain from sloshing around in the skull," which is what causes concussions.

USA Hockey Emphasizes Mental Skills at Summer Camp

By Jayson Hron, USA Hockey 06/20/2018, 12:00pm CDT

A lot of non-athletes think that athletes have it made. They're doing what they love, and there's no mental health problems. But athletes experience a lot of anxiety.

The Big Deal About a Swimmer’s Nutrition

By Bailey Duran, Swimming World Magazine 06/20/2018, 12:00pm CDT

The other half of a swimmer’s meal should consist of protein, healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados, and seeds), vegetables, fruit, whole grains, vitamins and minerals.

Are Supplements Right for You?

By Amy Udani, SwimSwam 06/19/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Whether you’re swimming on a club team or competing on a higher level, it’s clear that you need to support your active body and mind. This leads us to the burning question — is supplementation the answer?

Everything's Not OK

By Nick Boynton, The Player's Tribune 06/18/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Because as best I could tell, being tough, and one guy knocking the snot out of another guy, and showing no mercy, well … those things had always been part of our sport.

Study on Headgear Use in Girls' Lacrosse

By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 06/18/2018, 12:00pm CDT

“We’ll have to see whether the elevated risk remained when the girls began wearing the new protective headgear designed specifically for the women’s game in the spring 2018 season.” 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Soccer

By CoachUp Nation 06/15/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Upper body strength is required for shielding the ball, holding off opponents, throw-ins and also contributes to overall power and explosiveness.

Stay Loose: Helping Your Athletes Practice Mindfulness

By Nelson Gord, Next College Student Athlete Team Edition 06/13/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Stress causes shallow breathing, so this is a great way to fight stress. Also, deep listening can help athletes focus. Coaches can use a singing bowl, chime or an app that can help groups to concentrate.

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