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New Built-In Tool Enhances How You Search for Help on SportsEngine

By Marie Fitzgerald 10/18/2017, 8:30pm CDT

Check out new way to find the information you need quickly

Save time and improve platform knowledge by checking out the improved way to find help articles, engage with the SportsEngine Community and check for status updates. 

Ever Wonder: How many football teams have been named Texans?

By NBC Sports 10/16/2017, 11:15pm CDT

The Houston Texans haven't been the only football team in Texas with the name "Texans." Here's the history of the name in professional football.


By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/28/2017, 4:15pm CDT

Before you can shoot, you need to be able to catch. In this short video, Paul shows you proper hand placement and technique for catching. Learn how to catch with confidence and be ready to make your next move. 

Ever Wonder:Why do baseball players use pine tar?

By NBC Sports 09/27/2017, 9:15am CDT

Find out why and how baseball players use pine tar in the latest edition of Ever Wonder.

Passing to a Target

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/22/2017, 9:00am CDT

"Wall Ball" is vital to learning how to catch and shoot or pass with ease and accuracy. In this week's tip, let's add a target to improve your accuracy. 

Intro to PowerPay

By Jim Dahline 09/20/2017, 10:30pm CDT

A full feature walkthrough of PowerPay, our next generation billing tool inside SportsEngine.

Ever Wonder explores which original major Division I teams have failed to make the NCAA Tournament.

Shovel Pass

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/15/2017, 9:00am CDT

In this week's tip, Paul shows you how to make an accurate pass to a teammate even when you're in a tough position against a defender. 

Hand Position for Shooting

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/08/2017, 9:00am CDT

In this this week’s tip, Paul shows you how to hold the stick so you’re always ready to catch and shoot with accuracy and speed. You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes that slow you down and make it easier for defenders to stop you. 

Throwing Fakes Concept

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/03/2017, 12:15pm CDT

Learn how to throw a fake that works. You'll be able to get a defender off balance so you can have time and room to shoot or pass.