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Make sure your team is having fun while learning the right techniques and developing their skills with some of SportsEngine's favorite practice drills and activities.

Kick Return Team: The Cage Drill

By Coach Dave Weitz, Youth Football Online 10/20/2017, 12:00pm CDT

Work on a more effective strategy to maximize your talent

When looking at a kickoff return team it is very easy to simply assign a blocker for every defender on the kickoff team and tell your best athlete to find some space. 

Passing to a Target

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/22/2017, 9:00am CDT

"Wall Ball" is vital to learning how to catch and shoot or pass with ease and accuracy. In this week's tip, let's add a target to improve your accuracy. 

Shovel Pass

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/15/2017, 9:00am CDT

In this week's tip, Paul shows you how to make an accurate pass to a teammate even when you're in a tough position against a defender. 

Hand Position for Shooting

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/08/2017, 9:00am CDT

In this this week’s tip, Paul shows you how to hold the stick so you’re always ready to catch and shoot with accuracy and speed. You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes that slow you down and make it easier for defenders to stop you. 

Simple Games to Develop Fundamental Motor Skills

By Tony Moreno, US Lacrosse 09/06/2017, 10:00am CDT

Ultimate Frisbee? Freeze tag? Sharks and minnows? Dodge ball? Relays? What do these games have to do with the game of lacrosse?

Throwing Fakes Concept

By The Paul Rabil Experience 09/03/2017, 12:15pm CDT

Learn how to throw a fake that works. You'll be able to get a defender off balance so you can have time and room to shoot or pass.

Why Coaches Should Invest in Themselves

By TrueSport 08/29/2017, 2:45pm CDT

Keeping youth athletes accountable in sport means being responsible for their own actions. Like responsibility, being accountable translates into youth athletes being punctual, attentive, prepared, and ready to help. 

The Definitive Forward Pass in Rugby

By World Rugby 08/21/2017, 2:45pm CDT

What is a forward pass? Total rugby has investigated and we have the definitive explanation of what does and doesn't constitute a forward pass.

Coach watching players

Four Ways to Stay Positive During a Tough Season

By Nick Bartlett, Dr. Dish 08/21/2017, 1:00pm CDT

You and your players are giving it their all and adjusting your strategy to combat challenges.

Various Rugby Handling Drills

By Rugby IQ 08/16/2017, 10:45am CDT

Handling in rugby covers how your player holds, catches and runs with the ball. Good ball carrying technique should include your player's fingers being spread out, in the shape of the ball (fingers forming a cage-like structure around the ball).

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