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Sport Ngin TC 10K Team

Sport Ngin TC 10K Team

We're running for a cause! Support us as we run the TC 10K on October 4th to fund a new Sport Court facility at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital.

Your support will help us build a life-changing outdoor athletic space for kids and their families.
So far we have raised $1775 as a team.

Team Roster
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Lance Anderson

“What inspires me to run this race is each and every child and family I see while visiting the Children's Hospital. They all have very different but similar stories at the same time. The adversity they face everyday and still manage to smile and spread joy is incredible. Running a 10K is nothing in comparison to what they face, but if doing so helps to add new smiles, I'm all in!” > Support Lance

Joe Byrd

“My inspiration for running to support the Sport Ngin Sport Court is to help the kids that can't just go out and run. The race is one small thing I can do to help support a cause that will provide kids with much-needed activity, fun and ultimately recovery.” > Support Joe

Dan D’Aquisto

“I am inspired to run this race to not only challenge myself but to raise money for the Sport Ngin Sport Court so kids at the Children's Hospital can challenge themselves and have fun doing so!” > Support Dan

John Idso

“I couldn't pass up the opportunity to promote fitness in my own life while also supporting the Sport Court we're raising funds for at the Children's Hospital. Some of the Hospital's past patients that we've had the opportunity to meet have told us what a difference getting out and staying active can make; I can't think of a more appropriate event to help raise money for the kids!” > Support John

Carson Kipfer

“I'm honored to to run alongside my Sport Ngin teammates as we build a sport court that will bring smiles to the faces of children being treated at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital. The heroic children... and their families, nurses and doctors are my inspiration for running this race.” > Support Carson

Paul Loeffler

“I'm inspired to run this race for a close friend whose brother spend two years at Children's Hospital.  As a phenomenal young athlete, he would have loved the opportunity to play on this court during his stay.” > Support Paul

Nick Reichert

“Daily exercise has positive effects on all facets of my life. If I can strengthen relationships with my teammates at Sport Ngin and raise money to help these kids get outside and be active, it is a win-win.” > Support Nick

Travis Shives

(running with Jen Tillett and Cynthia Rinkenberger)
“I’m running to raise awareness of the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital and to show support for the incredibly courageous people, both patients and staff, that walk its halls. This event, and others like it, are a great way for my colleagues and I to bond together, take a challenge head on, and make an impact in our community. Onward and upward!” > Support Travis

Greg Blasko

“Running gives me a sense of freedom. Freedom to go where you want and at whatever pace you want. I'm running to help support raising money for the Sport Ngin Sport Court at the Children’s Hospital.  I'm hoping that the freedom I feel by running can be felt by patients that we'll be able to use the new Sport Ngin Sport Court as well.” > Support Greg

Kristin Driscoll

(running with Stephanie Sasik)
“Never take more out of life, than you intend to give back. Kids love to run and be active, so what better way is there to support health care of children then being active myself.” > Support Kristin

Dan Henderson

“As a kid I played basketball regularly with the neighborhood kids. Having a place to meet up, play and compete has helped strengthen me physically and socially. As we progress further into the digital age it is even more important for our children to interact in places like this. I am running the race to support healthy goals and raise money for the Sport Ngin Sport Court at the Children’s Hospital.” > Support Dan

Andrew Kalmon

“I am motivated to participate in the 10K because being able to raise money for the children at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital will be extremely rewarding as it lets the children know that they are not alone in their fight against the ailments that they face.” > Support Andrew

Shane Kline

“I hate distance running. You will never catch me going for a jog and this is by far the longest distance I will ever (attempt to) run. Yet there is no way I’m going to miss an opportunity to get together with friends and run for a great cause. I’m looking forward to helping the Sport Court become a reality.” > Support Shane

Adam Nelson

“I believe it's important to raise money for the Sport Ngin Sport Court because of the impact sports and being active was to me growing up.  I want to help give the kids at the Children's Hospital a similar experience.” > Support Adam

Tami Olson

(running with Sara Ruotsalainen)
“I count my blessings every day including my health and the beautiful outdoors we are privileged to enjoy. I was excited to jump on the opportunity of contributing to a cause that enables kids be so fortunate who otherwise may have missed out.” > Support Tami

Paige Skeie

“I am doing this run to challenge myself and face obstacles that I’ve never thought I could accomplish. These kids have to fight everyday, and I know I can fight through six miles to help them.” > Support Paige

Mikey Spencer

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to run this race and raising money for the Children's Hospital. It gives you a level of satisfaction that goes beyond the physical feeling of finishing the race. The ability to affect the lives of these children is really the reward and it provides motivation to not only run the race, but to contribute to the greater cause.” > Support Mikey

Travis Smith

“I've been a supporter of Children's Hospital for several years as the work they are doing is second to none. In addition, having survived a serious accident, and going through the rehabilitation process as an adult, I understand the importance of having an outlet for children facing some of life's toughest struggles. I'm proud of the support we as an organization are providing and I'll do anything in my power to give back.” > Support Travis

Rose Stepanek

(running with Craig Gumz)
“While working at Sport Ngin we have had the opportunity to interact with people from the Children's Hospital and hear their stories. They are all very inspiring and running this race is the least I can do to support them.” > Support Rose

TC 10K
7:30am, October 4th
State Capitol grounds
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
TC 10K race map and info

Sport Ngin Sport Court
Learn more about the Sport Court facility at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital


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