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Teach your kids how to kick, pull, and turn like the pros with these swimming technique and practice tips.

High Elbow Freestyle Recovery

By Abbie Fish, Ritter Sports Performance 01/23/2018, 12:00pm CST

So combining a great kick and rotation, a swimmer will now be able to keep the elbow as the highest point during the recovery.

A Closer Look at Freestyle

By Gary Hall Sr., The Race Club 01/16/2018, 12:00pm CST

The fast hand to the water recovery also forces the body to rotate quickly at this pivotal point in the pulling motion, another important coupling motion.

Why We Should Rotate Our Bodies in Freestyle and Backstroke

By Mel Stewart, SwimSwam 01/12/2018, 12:00pm CST

The bigger we are (more mass) and the faster we can rotate, the more energy we create to couple with the pull, and the faster we swim.

How to Pace Your Race

By Gary Hall Sr., The Race Club 01/10/2018, 12:00pm CST

One cannot sustain the pace well nor finish fast without providing enough oxygen to the body.

Five Ways to Get Your Swimming Goals Back on Track

By Olivier Poirier-LeRoy, SwimSwam 01/08/2018, 12:00pm CST

What are the three to four things that will impact your swimming the most? Is it your mental game? Your nutrition habits? Breathing patterns? Your turns? 

Finesse Your Freestyle

By Gary Hall Sr., The Race Club 01/04/2018, 12:00pm CST

Finesse means avoiding the temptation to dig your arm deep into the water and muscle yourself across the pool. In swimming, finesse means using your brain, not your brawn.

Why the One Arm Backstroke Drill Matters

By Gary Hall Sr., SwimSwam 12/29/2017, 12:00pm CST

Rarely do I ever find a drill that can teach a swimmer more than one fundamental at a time, but this drill does just that.

How to Properly Set Up for a Track Start

By Abbie Fish, Ritter Sports Performance 12/28/2017, 12:00pm CST

As much as swimmers can, they should feel comfortable and “active” in their “take your mark” position. This position sets up a swimmer to explode off the block — reacting quickly and effectively.

Two Great Ways to Test Your Breaststroke Kick

By Gary Hall Sr., SwimSwam 12/27/2017, 12:00pm CST

A strong kick is a key to swim fast breaststroke. As much as 80% of a swimmer’s propulsion in breaststroke comes from the kick.

Freestyle Flipturns: The Smaller the Ball, the Faster the Turn

By Abbie Fish, Ritter Sports Performance 12/19/2017, 12:00pm CST

If swimmers can get their hands up over their heads before their speed hits zero, they can utilize the speed they carried through the turn for their arm speed.

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