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There’s no right or wrong way of being an athlete, everyone’s situation is different. These are just some things to think about when deciding what athletic path to take. Learn the in and outs and pros and cons of getting involved in the recruiting process.

Coaches Avoid Recruiting Players That Let Parents Speak For Them

By Positive Coaching Alliance 08/25/2017, 1:30pm CDT

Watch the video: Stanford Women’ golf coach Anne Walker on how important it is for recruits to speak for themselves when meeting college coaches.

Christian McCaffrey: Kids Should Play More Than One Sport

By Mike Florio, NBC Sports 07/17/2017, 9:15am CDT

As Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey prepares to play pro football, he has some advice for america’s youth: Play more than one sport.

It's Time for the NCAA to Stop the Early Recruiting Insanity

By John O'Sullivan, Changing the Game Project 07/14/2017, 9:30am CDT

I recently received a phone call from a friend who is one of the national directors of coaching for a major us sport governing body. he told me the story of a recent phone call his office received from a distraught parent:

Athlete's hands

Advice To Sports Parents From Basketball Coach Steve Kerr

By Steve Kerr, Positive Coaching Alliance 07/11/2017, 11:45am CDT

Warriors coach and five-time NBA champion Steve Kerr recalls his parents' roles in his own sports experience.

Dear Recruit, Your Talent Only Gets You So Far

By John O'Sullivan, Changing the Game Project 06/30/2017, 9:15am CDT

He is going to be shocked we no longer want him.

There are a lot of talented athletes out there, but talent alone will not land you a coveted roster spot. Your talent may get your foot in the door, but it takes a lot more to hit the field at the next level.

The Surprising Story of Simon Kjaer: Why Talent Selection Does Not Always Work

By John O'Sullivan, Changing the Game Project 06/22/2017, 2:45pm CDT

In 2004, FC Midtjylland in Denmark set out to establish Scandinavia’s first youth soccer academy. As a new club, it did not have the pick of the litter of Danish soccer talent, which went to bigger, far more established clubs.

Is Summer Camp a Recruiting Opportunity?

By Matt Sonnichsen, JVA 06/16/2017, 9:45am CDT

The regular season of club volleyball has ended, and while many teams are still training in preparation for the national championships, summer is rapidly approaching.

There's More to Collegiate Sports than Division I

By Matt Sonnichsen, Junior Volleyball Association 03/13/2017, 2:15pm CDT

Trophy with fans

Think Athletic Scholarships are a 'Holy Grail'? Think Again

By Kelley Holland and John W. Schoen, CNBC 01/09/2017, 3:15pm CST

For many young athletes and their families, the dream of playing college sports is very different from the reality.

Your Winning Ways: Diversification vs. Specialization in Youth Sports

By News4 Digital Staff, NBC Affiliate 04/16/2016, 12:00am CDT

Not too long ago, young athletes bounced from sport to sport as the seasons changed. Now, the emphasis on playing just one has youth advocates concerned about the number of injuries and burnout. Watch the video for a closer look at the questions parents need to consider in your winning ways.

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